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[Return] 12 It isn’t shilling if you’re trying to help X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 6:17am No.12
Seriously fuck your shitcoins, get XMR

> b-but i don’t have money
Shut up and get a job you neet, xmr is far more important than sitting down doing nothing all day
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 6:28am No.14
>be anon #13
>walk into building
>”wow monerochan!?”
>tips fedora
>”well hello ma’am”
>catches breath
>hands sweat
>”I didn’t know such a fine lady could be around these parts of town”
>snort chuckle
>gasp for air
>”don’t mind if I send you some crypto”
>heart racing
>waddles 5 steps towards monerochan
>takes a 2 minute breather
>”can I have your wallet addre-“
>sharts entire tacobell menu
>starts to cry
>waddles away in embarrassment
>trips and bounces back up
>dies from heat exhaustion inside the air conditioned building
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 5:14pm No.24
lmao #13 deleted their post after this

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