[View thread 126 noooooooo X Anonynous Wed 2022-08-17 8:21am No.126
waaaa i wanna be ogmebre waa

- 🥸🤓🤓🤓🤓 news
>> X taff Wed 2022-08-17 11:30pm No.128
man get up to the bookshelf of fhe library's sextion how to type smh

 [View thread 124 ges da long 010 (anniversary, try the redacted website for redacted redacte X og schizember Wed 2022-08-17 8:17am No.124
♪Birch your soul...♪distro evrafin...Ha-a-how..IIIIII NEEED TO NOOO NE-A♪
>> X Park Wed 2022-08-17 11:42pm No.132
has to be Beyoncè - break your soul

 [View thread 123 pun === fun X Joe IIII Wed 2022-08-17 6:57am No.123
what did the chick say when it crossed the animal?

 [View thread 95 X Anonymous Sun 2022-08-14 12:11am No.95
happy happy happy
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>> X Anonymous Sun 2022-08-14 6:36am No.97
happy :))
>> X Anonymous Mon 2022-08-15 8:32am No.99
awh he's happy
>> X Anonymous Wed 2022-08-17 1:23am No.122
:l :) :] :D

 [View thread 105 What are the best ways to X Anonymous Mon 2022-08-15 11:35pm No.105
tame an alligator?
>> X Anonymous Wed 2022-08-17 1:21am No.121
None other than fixating a log in his muzzle

 [View thread 109 Hypothetically X Weirdest hypothetiser Mon 2022-08-15 11:51pm No.109
if aliens were real and its opposite gender would realize the coarsal I mean coursal interjection I mean intersection with them (at least 1 I mean) could the product be a different rave than what's known to alienk I mean mankind?
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>> X Anonymous Tue 2022-08-16 3:42pm No.115
nah too mainstream bro, if you wanna talk about aliens, you gotta first understand the difference between what is pushed to the public and what is silenced

the shit they dont want you to hear is likely to be true—however sometimes a "silenced" topic is entirely a psyop and the "hush" attribute is just to make it seem more credible

it's often hard to tell what's fake and what's not, so in situations like those, trust no one but yourself
>> X Anonymous Tue 2022-08-16 3:55pm No.116
Yeah I agree
I always second think myself because of that
>> X Anonymous Wed 2022-08-17 1:09am No.118
Me too
even thirdthinking

 [View thread 107 FUCK WRONG FIELD X What is your opinion Mon 2022-08-15 11:41pm No.107
whatever, I'm Anonymous like you are (schuxxo)
the most famous u.s. presidents...?
Select any
>> X Anonymous Tue 2022-08-16 3:58pm No.117
joeb iden is the mostt poplar presidnt evr!1!
>> X Anonymous Wed 2022-08-17 1:10am No.119
He is popular indeed, though far from being my favourite
Any other

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