[View thread 106 Pumpkins X Gobblewonker Mon 2022-08-15 11:39pm No.106
What are pumpkins?
Are they a similar kind of a watermelon?
Are they the remnants of the Scythe's best friend?
Is it even edible?!
So much we don't know from this very world

 [View thread 101 idonthaveanykeys,Cravemywifeleftmelockedout X HowdoIusethis? Mon 2022-08-15 8:37am No.101

 [View thread 90 send images of X Please Sat 2022-08-13 10:41am No.90
>> X Anonymous Sat 2022-08-13 6:28pm No.92

>> X axolotl !w6dVfCCIAE Mon 2022-08-15 8:30am No.98
uh, thanks i guess but
kinda questionable
i prefer irl axols

 [View thread 88 How are you X Anonymous Sat 2022-08-13 10:39am No.88
>> X Anonymous Sat 2022-08-13 6:27pm No.91
it’s the numberando!!!!! Seeg hiyel!!!!!
>> X Adolf Hitler Sat 2022-08-13 6:40pm No.94
vielen dank
>> X Anonymous Mon 2022-08-15 8:39am No.102

 [View thread 87 X Anonymous Sat 2022-08-13 4:46am No.87
why do they exist?
like, what’s the appeal?
are they just made to count money?
like black people are made to do physical labor?
im genuinely confused
>> X Adolf Hitler Sat 2022-08-13 6:37pm No.93
I know right!??? Zat is vat i have alvays been zinking of ja
Ze jews are so silly ja, ve dont need zem
ich hasse sie

 [View thread 84 Jesus is King X Ask for forgiveness and you shall receive Sat 2022-08-13 1:10am No.84
Stay strong, your day of success will come.
Every time you fall, make sure to get back up.

You are fighting the most important war, a spiritual war against Satan and evil.
Stay on God’s side, He is the epitome of love. In times of weakness, put yourself under His wing. The Holy Spirit will guide you and Jesus will save you. Ask Him for forgiveness and He shall give it to you.
You will win this war, never let evil put you down.
>> X Johnathan Joestar Sat 2022-08-13 1:17am No.85
>> X Anonymous Sat 2022-08-13 3:00am No.86
>> X 🧺🧺🧺WetLaundrier Sat 2022-08-13 10:40am No.89

 [View thread 81 What the fuck is an allowance? X Analymous Fri 2022-08-12 11:38pm No.81
why do americans give their children 50 dollars a week?
how come this is more common than i thought?
i had to give my parents money as I was growing up, why are kids making so much?
I’m not talking about teenagers—fucking 8 year olds have iPhones now

>> X Anonymous Fri 2022-08-12 11:43pm No.82
I would just steal 20-40$ from my dads wallet whenever I needed some weed each week

He never noticed
>> X Anonymous Sat 2022-08-13 12:35am No.83
maybe he did and just assumed you were using it to build your future
that’s what my grandma thought when I stole all of her savings for cocaine and mdma

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