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>> X Anonymous Fri 2022-08-12 2:49pm No.52
post have no picture, is cursed thank you
>> X Anonymous Fri 2022-08-12 2:51pm No.53
a b c
>> X Anonymous Fri 2022-08-12 3:37pm No.54

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>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 5:09pm No.22
Jesus T'Aime
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 5:18pm No.25
fuck you i hate french people france sucks your land belongs to england and i hate them too
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 5:25pm No.26
Jesus t’aime, repent

(locked) [View thread 12 It isn’t shilling if you’re trying to help X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 6:17am No.12
Seriously fuck your shitcoins, get XMR

> b-but i don’t have money
Shut up and get a job you neet, xmr is far more important than sitting down doing nothing all day
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 6:28am No.14
>be anon #13
>walk into building
>”wow monerochan!?”
>tips fedora
>”well hello ma’am”
>catches breath
>hands sweat
>”I didn’t know such a fine lady could be around these parts of town”
>snort chuckle
>gasp for air
>”don’t mind if I send you some crypto”
>heart racing
>waddles 5 steps towards monerochan
>takes a 2 minute breather
>”can I have your wallet addre-“
>sharts entire tacobell menu
>starts to cry
>waddles away in embarrassment
>trips and bounces back up
>dies from heat exhaustion inside the air conditioned building
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 5:14pm No.24
lmao #13 deleted their post after this

(locked) [View thread 21 Why are you here? X Anon Thu 2022-08-11 4:42pm No.21
Have anyone ever thought that we are already dead and we are reliving our previous life to see if we make better decisions or if we made the same mistakes that will land us in hell?
>> X Anonymous ## Admin Thu 2022-08-11 5:13pm No.23
Kind of a nice thought when you think about it, we’re given a second chance
Be good now

(locked) [View thread 9 I’m gay X GAYASIAN Thu 2022-08-11 5:19am No.9
Hey guys, I’m cumming out as gay! I like to fuck men in their buttholes!
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 5:20am No.10
>sigma spartan behavior
wow so brave!!
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 5:29am No.11

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Schizopost only please

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sex penis? what the heck?
>> X Anonymous Thu 2022-08-11 4:19am No.7
lmao doxxed

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